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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cold And SNOW?!

Good afternoon Texoma, with this fall like weather, let's have some fun! The guidance has been 'hinting' on and off about the possibility of a couple strong cold fronts pushing into the Southern Plains between days 7-18. Along with this 'hint' of cold air, there have even been a few 'hints' of wintry type precip falling in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Kansas, and Missouri.

Please keep in mind that this is very far out and will likely change, but I wanted to give some insight as to what the models are showing. I do believe a very chilly air-mass will engulf the Southern Plains by next weekend; with more cold shots through October. What will cause these cold air-masses to push south? A weather phenomenon which is occurring thousands of miles away will cause the cold air-masses to move south into our area.

The Southern Plains will be indirectly impacted by Typhoon Jelawat and Tropical Storm Ewiniar which are in the Western Pacific at this time. These two systems are pushing into the higher latitudes and are bringing warm air into those higher latitudes. The atmosphere will 'balance' itself by sending cold air south, and that southward push will impact the United States.

With all of this said, I do believe a strong cold front will impact the Southern Plains, but as for the wintry precip, that's a long shot and will likely not happen. It's fun to day dream about though! Enjoy the rain, and don't forget to check out our 2012-13 Winter Outlook.
(This is the 12Z GFS forecast snow accumulations at 180 hours-October 7th, 2012.)

(276 Hours)

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