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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alligators In Local Lakes?

This picture of an alligator, posted on Facebook yesterday, caused concern and left many asking, "how safe are our local lakes?"  It's not unknown, in Texoma, that alligators have been found in the area and will continue to be found.  The picture above was reportedly taken near Washita Point in Kingston, Oklahoma; which is near Lake Texoma.  This comes in just days after an 11 foot alligator was found, dead, in the Trinity River! 

Over the past decade, dozens of alligators have been found in southern Oklahoma and northern Texas.  There have even been several recent reports of alligator sightings near Cumberland Cove; some reports say gators have been up to 13 feet long!  

There's no need to panic, but there are a few safety measure that can be taken to protect your family and yourself.  So what can you do to protect your family this summer and over the upcoming holiday weekend?

-Never feed alligators.
-Avoid swimming and other water activities in areas with large alligators, or where large gators have been seen.
-Swim only during daylight.
-Do not throw fish scraps in the water.
-Closely supervise small children in and around water.
-Do not allow pets to swim, exercise or drink in waters where alligators may be found.
-If you hear an alligator hiss, move away. You are too close.

**To report an alligator that threatens people, call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's district office weekdays at 817-831-3128 or after hours and weekends at 800-792-4263.
**To report an alligator that threatens people, call the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
Here's a link to the entire Oklahoma Game Warden directory: http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/laws_regs/lawstatemap.htm

(It is currently alligator hunting season in Texas, but state regulations say that alligators may only be hunted by means of firearms on private property and cannot be hunted from, on, in, across or over public water.)

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Picture, courtesy KTEN.com and Kris Hair


  1. Gators are actually native, and have been since humans have lived in the area, to the very southeastern part of Oklahoma and obviously the areas near that in Texas and border of Arkansas. That's about as far north as they go but not sure why anyone is surprised.

  2. back in mid 60s there was lots of gators up the red river and also in areas of lake texoma especially around the willis area